A basic multi-industry solution that allows you to configure and integrate all of your company's business processes into one program. There is no longer a need to work in different systems 😊

Non-profit organizations IT companies Consulting firms Government institutions Coworking spaces Agencies
Tools you will receive
Track tasks
Project structuring - easy task creation and management.
Transparency of execution - an intuitive task board to track progress.
Results analysis - reports to optimize processes.
Team collaboration - shared access and communication in the system.
Mobility - task management from any device.
Strategic planning - setting goals and strategies.
Management flexibilit - adapting to changes in projects.
Workload optimization - balancing resources between teams.
Analytics and reporting - accurate data for informed decisions.
Document workflow
Electronic document flow - convenient creation, editing, and exchange of documents in the system.
Process automation - setting rules and automatic movement of documents between statuses.
Access control - restricting access rights to documents depending on the user's role.
Change history - tracking all actions with documents to ensure transparency and security.
Financial accounting - keeping records of income and expenses, balances, profit and loss statements.
Tax optimization - tax calculation, compliance with legislation, and minimizing financial risks.
Payroll and payments - payroll accounting, employee payments, compliance with norms and rules.
Analytics and reporting - tracking financial indicators, generating reports for informed decision-making.
Integration with banks and systems - automatic data exchange with bank accounts and other programs.
Increased efficiency:Workflow helps organize and optimize work processes, reducing unnecessary steps and excess time costs.
Process standardization: Using Workflow allows standardizing work processes, ensuring a consistent approach to task execution at all stages.
Increased productivity: Automation of routine tasks allows employees to focus on more important and strategic aspects of their work, leading to increased productivity.
Ease of scalability: Workflow processes can easily scale with business growth or changing needs, allowing organizations to quickly adapt to new conditions.
Employee Cabinet, displaying: personal information, work schedule, salary, overtime days, accrued and used vacation days, available and used sick leave, personal training plan.
Automation of personnel recruitment, adaptation, and training management. Formation of the staffing schedule.
Optimization of customer communication, integration with CRM, card-based registration system with key data.
Effective tools for promoting the brand, products, and services. Automation of marketing functions.
Codeless programming. You can easily master the UGLA platform using visual prompts.
The full spectrum of analytical tools. Creation and automatic generation of accounting reports.
Built-in chat is an integral part of the program, not an external service, meaning that company information is confidential, stored on the same servers as all data, and protected 24/7.
With dashboard system you have real-time 360° view of a company's activity, streamline & optimize business processes, online control financial results and all the indicators. Moreover, due to the intelligent reminder system you'll be able to react fastly on any changes.
Customized access rights configuration to modules individually, setting restrictions for each user segment.
Efficient procurement organization, transparent pricing, and selection of profitability strategies.
Using this module, you will be able to efficiently manage and analyze customer information, interact with them, and improve service processes.
Module for supplier, contractor, and client relationship management. Real-time updates on order statuses and locations. Counterparties can efficiently share current information via tokens sent through messengers, email, or other channels.
Payment Calendar. Capability to manage payment schedules with suppliers, contractors, and employees.
Overview and control of the entire project lifecycle and all its stages. Efficient planning, financial control, and resource management.
Capability to consolidate all legal profiles of the holding within a single program.
An automation tool for analytics transforms analytical reports from exclusive information of the finance department into a tool accessible to everyone with just a few clicks, relieving the burden on analysts and making data analysis more accessible for everyone in the company.
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