Modern Ukrainian ERP

Combo of 10 programs in one system, combining tools for managing all business processes with the application of AI (artificial intelligence). Request
UGLA ERP - One Step Ahead A flexible, secure tool for company management, accessible from anywhere in the world without additional equipment
360° Overview
The entire company under your control!
Strategic planning
Сommunication between all departments
Logistics, warehouse, goods
Marketing, sales
Pricing, finance
Customer Care
Human resources management
100% data storage reliability
24/7 support
Continuous improvement and updates
Impossibility of external interference
Data loss prevention
Data storage on cloud servers
Simplicity and convenience
Flexible and User-Friendly Functionality
Access Anywhere
ERP and CRM functionality in the one system
Convenient and intuitively understandable interface
PWA for Android OS and iOS
Individual customization for any industry
Extensive implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms
Display of key company metrics and KPIs in one window
Manage your business with ease!
Advantages of UGLA ERP We've created the ultimate version of business process management — UGLA, a powerful and flexible solution that is easy to use.
Communications Thanks to the mutual integration of ERP and CRM modules, effective communication with all company departments is established.
Analytics and Reports Ability to obtain any performance indicators of the company. Convenient and individually customized reports.
Support 24/7 Effective support and technical consulting. We are on the same wavelength and speak your language!
Customization Intuitive usage, time zone selection, the ability to customize any theme, and create a corporate one.
Integrations UGLA helps you collect, unify, and link all information about your business.
All integrations
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Meeting of the AgriTech Committee by the IT Ukraine Association 01.07.2024 11:13 Iryna Aldakimova Participated in the First Meeting of the AgriTech Committee of IT Ukraine Association.
UGLA ERP Joins the AgriTech Committee of the IT Ukraine Association 25.06.2024 16:11 The committee is dedicated to developing technological innovations and addressing key challenges in the agricultural technology sector.
Material for 25.06.2024 15:28 The Most Common ERP Features You Might Not Know About
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What is ERP?
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an integrated enterprise resource management system that consolidates various functions and business processes into a unified information flow.
What is the difference between ERP and CRM?
CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP are used for different purposes. CRM focuses on interacting with customers and managing relationships with them, while ERP covers all aspects of enterprise resource management, including finance, production, logistics, and other areas.
What are the advantages of using ERP for business?
ERP promotes process optimization, increased efficiency, cost reduction, and improved resource management, leading to increased profitability.
Can ERP be used for small businesses?
No enterprise is too small for an ERP solution – being a small shop or café doesn't mean you can't operate like a corporate-scale business and leverage the benefits of intelligent business solutions, such as ERP, to optimize business processes.
What challenges can arise during ERP implementation?
Some common issues include resistance from staff, malfunctions during implementation, and inadequate project planning. It is crucial to have a clear plan and carry out phased implementation.
What scalability opportunities does ERP provide?
ERP offers various scalability opportunities, enabling enterprises to grow effectively and handle increased business volumes.
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