Ready-made solutions on the unified UGLA platform for all departments and services help streamline enterprise activity management and complete the customer management cycle. Presentation
UGLA ERP - over 20 integrated modules for managing your business.
Planning Short-term and long-term planning of company activities.
Interintegration Management of resources and customer management functions in one interface.
Information Security Hourly backup and data storage on cloud servers
Simplicity and convenience Maximum User-Friendly Interface, 24/7 Support, Individual Settings, and Customization
Multilingual Interface The interface is available in multiple languages, facilitating navigation and use of the ERP/CRM system
PWA for Android, IOS Allows users to work with the system from any mobile device
Servers on Amazon The technology utilizes Amazon servers, known for their reliability and scalability
Well-documented API for information exchange Facilitates easy data exchange between the ERP system and other programs
Give it a try and see for yourself
UGLA is a comprehensive next-generation ERP system, user-friendly and simple, capable of establishing effective communication between company departments and clients, freeing up time for what truly matters. UGLA builds a reliable technological bridge between the company and its clients. We created UGLA as a 100% Ukrainian product, accessible to everyone, flexible, and easily adaptable to any industry.
Iryna Aldakimova Co-founder and CEO UGLA
International conferences, awards, and recognitions
UGLA represents Ukraine at Viva Tech
UGLA represents Ukraine at Web Summit
UGLA represents Ukraine at The Future of Ukraine Summit
Найкращий сервіс 2022
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