UGLA ERP - a comprehensive next-generation system for managing and planning business processes. Demo
Package for 10 users - $25 each, access for each additional user - $30.
*Data migration by prior agreement
Instruments you receive
The production module The production module enables businesses to ensure optimal coordination and efficiency in manufacturing processes, thereby contributing to increased productivity and product quality.
Food & Beverage
The delivery module Designed for the automation and optimization of processes related to orders and the delivery of goods or services, this module aims to streamline and enhance the efficiency of the entire order fulfillment and delivery workflow.
Food & Beverage
Catering module The catering module for the restaurant industry is designed to automate and efficiently manage all aspects of catering services within the framework of restaurant business.
Food & Beverage
POS system The system assists waitstaff in managing the order process and customer service.
CRM Using this module, you will be able to efficiently manage and analyze customer information, interact with them, and improve service processes.
Dashboard With dashboard system you have real-time 360° view of a company's activity, streamline & optimize business processes, online control financial results and all the indicators. Moreover, due to the intelligent reminder system you'll be able to react fastly on any changes.
Planning module Enterprise Activity Planning. Real-time Analysis and Adjustment of Results.
Real Estate
Project Module Overview and control of the entire project lifecycle and all its stages. Efficient planning, financial control, and resource management.
Analytics and Reporting The full spectrum of analytical tools. Creation and automatic generation of accounting reports.
Call Center Optimization of customer communication, integration with CRM, card-based registration system with key data.
Commercial Module Efficient procurement organization, transparent pricing, and selection of profitability strategies.
Counterparties Module Module for supplier, contractor, and client relationship management. Real-time updates on order statuses and locations. Counterparties can efficiently share current information via tokens sent through messengers, email, or other channels.
Document Workflow Convenient registry of contract templates for any purpose and automation of document workflow.
Holding Creation Module Capability to consolidate all legal profiles of the holding within a single program.
HRM Automation of personnel recruitment, adaptation, and training management. Formation of the staffing schedule.
Individual Access Customized access rights configuration to modules individually, setting restrictions for each user segment.
Internal Chat Built-in chat is an integral part of the program, not an external service, meaning that company information is confidential, stored on the same servers as all data, and protected 24/7.
Marketing module Effective tools for promoting the brand, products, and services. Automation of marketing functions.
My dashboard (employee cabinet) Employee Cabinet, displaying: personal information, work schedule, salary, overtime days, accrued and used vacation days, available and used sick leave, personal training plan.
No-code Codeless programming. You can easily master the UGLA platform using visual prompts.
Payment and Invoices Module Payment Calendar. Capability to manage payment schedules with suppliers, contractors, and employees.
Food & Beverage
Order to the table Allows for the automation and simplification of the order taking and processing process.
Task Module Ability to assign tasks, specifying responsible parties, deadlines, etc. Track results and completion time.
Food & Beverage
QR-menu The QR menu helps improve customer service and reduce the costs of printing and updating menus.
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